I’m a freelance UI designer and developer based in Manchester but happy to work remotely. As my interest in the way users interact with websites and digital products has grown my desire to learn has moved from front-end development towards design and user experience. This has allowed me to gain an understanding of the compromises which need to be made to create a balance between great user experience and project budget.

I’ve been working in the web industry for 10 years, wrestled with Internet Explorer 6, transitioned from converting static design mockups into pixel perfect websites to creating responsive websites from style guides and prototypes, and watched as the number of devices accessing websites increased exponentially.

I previously worked at Studio Skylab where I led front-end development and pushed for better standards and best practices across the studio. This included researching and defining standards for front-end technologies. Defining our browser support and providing research on which devices to test websites and web apps.

I’ve also worked as a web designer for Dubbed Creative (now Project Octo) and digital marketing assistant for shoe-shop.com (now Pavers).

In my spare time I like to write and enjoy getting involved with the Manchester digital scene such as attending meetups, lectures and talks. This gives me a chance to meet new people and gain inspiration.

You can catch me on Twitter and LinkedIn or checkout my writing over on steveworsley.com.


  • Be an advocate for the user
  • Use data to drive descisions
  • Verify ideas with prototypes and user testing
  • Provide feedback early and often
  • If in doubt, do the right thing


  • Creating semantic HTML, CSS
  • CSS methodologies particularly BEM and SMACSS
  • Use of frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Dealing with the quirks of web fonts
  • Use of preprocessors such as SASS & LESS
  • Build and package tools such as Compass, Gulp, Composer and NPM
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Cross browser and device testing
  • Mobile and responsive design techniques
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and Invision
  • Performance testing
  • GIT